Healthy Habits Lifestyle

Where do you want to be with your nutrition lifestyle 90 days from now? Are you looking to replace old habits that are not serving your goals, and improve your energy, health and body composition? We’re here to help you make a permanent and lasting change.

Plan Basics

In our Healthy Habits Lifestyle program, we’ll work together for 12 weeks in a private virtual accountability group. Through education, support and accountability we will teach, encourage and keep you on track in developing new ways of thinking about what you eat and why.

A Custom Meal Plan Just for You

Our gym workouts are individualized for each person, and the same is true with our approach to nutrition. We will design a plan that incorporates foods you love so you can look forward to each meal. The plan is based around real, whole foods with minimal prep and easy to find ingredients. This is not a DIET. Our program is designed around education and accountability, not a fad or restrictive diets that cannot be sustained.

Healthy Habits Pricing

12 weeks of individualized education, support, and accountability. A lifetime to enjoy the results of healthier habits. It’s all for $125 a month with a 3-month minimum.

A New You is Waiting.

Ready to sign up? Have questions about what’s included? We’re here for you! 90 days will pass by no matter what you do. Make a choice that will change your life.